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Mr. Garo Minassian

“Dear Tyler,

This letter of appreciation is being sent to you to acknowledge and thank you for your highly professional skills and service in the sale of our fourteen unit apartment building at 7052 So. Friends Avenue in Whittier, CA.

Your efforts over the years from the first time we met in 2009 by keeping in touch and providing guidance was instrumental in our decision to ask you to handle the sale.

Your immediate response with a solid offer and a listing agreement submitted to us simultaneously was impressive. Thereafter all seemed to flow smoothly until the closing a week ago.

Great job and thank you again.”

Garo Minassian
Managing Partner
Bee-Kay Investments, LLC

Paul Kraemer and Leslie Todd

“TK Infinity, LLC and its members, have been real estate investors and developers in Southern California for over twenty (20) years.

For the past five (5) years, Tyler Leeson has been representing TK Infinity with the selling the purchasing of their real estate investments. Specifically, Tyler Leeson has been involved with the purchase and disposition of TK Infinity’s last three (3) transactions in 2013 and 2014 that were off market.

His knowledge of the real estate industry, marketing and 1031 Exchange transactions has been a major influence on TK Infinity’s success.”

Paul Kraemer and Leslie Todd
Managing Members
TK Infinity, LLC

Scott T. Burnham

“Burnham USA has been a leader in the Southern California real estate market since 1979, and I personally have been involved in acquisition, ownership, and management/development since that time. We recently sold an 18 unit apartment building in Anaheim, with the help of Tyler Leeson. He represented both the buyer and us, the seller.

Tyler proved himself to be an honest and hard-working person, and we were confident in his ability to accomplish what needed to be done in the transaction.

Overall, our transaction went smoothly with an expected few issues to deal with along the way. Tyler took charge resolving the problems that arose, and was proactive in the way he handled the entire deal.

We can recommend Tyler as an outstanding performer- he knows what his job is and he gets it done, and we look forward to working with Tyler again.”

Scott T. Burnham
Burnham USA

Ron Williamson

“Tyler I wanted to thank you for all your efforts in closing the sale of our 36 unit apartment in Anaheim. I thought your ability to manage expectations of both buyer and seller while still netting out what we wanted really made this deal happen. You were creative while at the same time realistic in moving through some rough spots in the negotiations. I especially appreciated your honesty when we were close to walking away from the sale. We have almost completed our uplegs on our exchange and we look forward to a significant increase in our cash flow with much less headaches! Feel free to use me as a reference in the future.”

Ron Williamson

David Poggi

“We are investors who hire sales agents to manage the buying and selling of investment property.
I view my agent as a short term employee that is a coworker, an associate, which I have great expectations.

What I appreciated most about working with Tyler and his team was their ability to cut through the predictable issues of a real estate sale, keep everything moving, and deliver the expected results. Most importantly, being available and communicating.”

David Poggi, Real Estate Investor

Carolyn Youngs

“Tyler Leeson and his team at Marcus & Millichap did an outstanding job for us in selling a 4-Plex property in Huntington Beach. As a real estate broker in Colorado, I can attest that they are very knowledgeable and professional in all aspects of the real estate sales process. They aggressively marketed our property and we received several offers within a few days of listing. We were extremely pleased with our final contract and quick closing. They provided us with excellent guidance and service throughout the entire transaction which was especially valuable to us since we are out of state.”

Carolyn Youngs
Youngs' Properties, LLC

Jim Zink

“Tyler Leeson and Joe Berkson handled the sale of my 70 unit apartment complex, Villa de Hacienda, in Tustin, California. This property was built by my father and had been in my family for over 40 years, never before on the market. Several brokers were interviewed, with Tyler and Joe expressing confidence in a sales price higher than the other brokers. They saw the value in this property and presented multiple offers in the first week while still preparing marketing materials. A near full price offer was negotiated and accepted during this early phase, and Tyler and Joe moved us through the escrow period easily. I can’t imagine a sale of this size proceeding more smoothly than it did, thanks to constant attention and communication from Tyler and Joe. My thanks to a great team and I highly recommend both of these professionals.”

Jim Zink

Saar Swartzon and Jason Cohn

“Tyler came highly recommended to my partners and I from our third real estate partner who personally knew Tyler’s high caliber of work and knew that Tyler would look out for us on our first real estate investment. Our partner turned out to be 100% correct. Although Jason and I are attorneys, we do not practice real estate. As such, it became patently obvious that Tyler knew the intricate details of our first investment deal and made sure we avoided many of the dreaded pitfalls that often ruin investments and investors. All three of us were extremely impressed with the potential investments Tyler presented us. More importantly however, we appreciated that Tyler never seemed to put his interests above our own, often advising us when to walk away from a deal and sacrificing his own commission. Throughout this process, all three of us consistently felt that Tyler was on “our side” and looking to build a long term relationship. Our first deal went very smoothly and Tyler was always available to answer questions and advise us whenever we requested his guidance. I guarantee that my partners and I will be working with Tyler on our future deals.”

Saar Swartzon and Jason Cohn

Hank Schmitz

“My sister and I sold six apartment buildings through Tyler and his team in 2013. We received multiple offers on each of the buildings and competed all of the sales in less than 90 days. These were all part of a 1031 Exchange where Tyler’s team was also able to locate triple net lease buildings outside of California for some of our acquisitions. Tyler’s team provided turn key service in a most professional and expeditious manner. We intend on using Tyler again when we sell the next three buildings.”

Hank Schmitz, Key West, Florida

Dr. Soon-Min & Su Tan

“Tyler was recommended highly to us by a family member who had recently closed a purchase on a rental property. As first time buyers, he guided us through the entire process from searching for a property, bidding, financing, and setting up management once we acquired it. His assistance made everything smoother than we expected and he was easily available by fax, email, text, and even late night phone calls. As Tyler was highly recommended to us, we would in turn recommend him highly to any prospective buyer. We look forward to working with him again in the future.”

Kip & Jamie Kula

“My wife and I have been in the business of rental property acquisition, ownership, and management since 2003. We recently purchased an 18 unit apartment building in Anaheim, with the help of Tyler Leeson. He represented both the seller and us, the buyer. At our first meeting with Tyler, we had a very good feeling that he would be the kind of broker we could do business with. We were fortunately right in our first impression of him. First of all, Tyler is an honest, hard-working person, who strives to do the best he can for his clients. He made us feel confident in his ability to accomplish what needed to be done in the transaction. He was extremely organized, communicated the progress of our deal with us, better than any other agent we have ever worked with, and was creative with great ideas. Overall, our transaction went smoothly with an expected few issues to deal with along the way. Tyler, however, took charge of coming up with solutions to any problems that arose. He was proactive in the way he handled the entire deal.

We can recommend Tyler, without reservation, as an outstanding performer. He knows what his job is and he gets it done. We look forward to working with Tyler, again, and being on the same team. He is successful because he cares about providing a quality product and service to his clients. It is greatly appreciated. Thanks again, Tyler”

James A. Jones

“This is the short story of how Tyler Leeson and his team at Marcus & Millichap completed my 1031 Exchange without me (Jim Jones in Saudi Arabia) ever meeting him and without even being in the USA while the exchange took place. The exchange was comprised of selling my apartments in Anaheim, California and buying a replacement rental property in Fort Worth, Texas. The property in Texas was acquired by assuming an existing loan and because I had not lived in the USA for many years, Tyler had to involve their VP of Capital Corporation, the in house Finance Company of M & M to broker the deal with the lender and Seller in Ft. Worth. I can say with utmost certainty that Tyler supported me from the very beginning of listing my old property through the closing of my new property and arranged for everything like the property inspection, the appraisal, the Lawyer, the loan assumption, the Exchange company and, with obtaining all of the documents (many!) that needed to be reviewed and signed by all parties. On good faith, I put my trust in Tyler and M & M and they proved without doubt, that they know what they are doing when it comes to 1031 Exchanges and keeping their clients at ease and confident of the overall transaction. I am very thankful that our paths crossed and I am now the proud new owner of quality income producing Fort Worth property.”

Dr. W.Chang/Dr. S.Pak

“My wife and I highly recommend Tyler Leeson without any reservation. We found Tyler to be a true professional. He was thorough, responsible, and most of all, listened to our needs and found us properties we were looking for.

Before Tyler, we worked with several brokers who aggressively pushed us to make deals, and made us wonder if they were working with our best interest in mind, or just working to get the commission. Tyler was the opposite. He offered great advice on all the properties we looked at, and directed us away from the bad deals. We were able to target a great property, negotiate aggressively, and get it at the price we wanted!

During the entire process, Tyler made it easy for us by staying on top of the process and was in constant communication.

We look forward to doing more deals with Tyler in the future!”

W. Chang/S. Pak

Bob Biederman

“Dear Tyler,
I just need to thank you for what I consider extraordinary service. I am a 30-year veteran of investment real estate. Over the last two years I had tried three different brokers in an effort to sell my apartment building in Dana Point. I used a local expert, a Professional Team from one of the leading commercial brokerages and then the most well known high profile broker in So Cal. None of them produced any reasonable workable offer. In just 3 months of working with you, you generated 5 legitimate offers and we worked one of them through to a happy completion. Although I did have to adjust my Seller’s Pricing a bit to reflect the reality, the way you structured the deal is going to generate me close to a quarter million dollars in cash that will escape taxes. It was the perfect deal in a falling market. My only regret is that I didn’t call you 2 years ago.I look forward to working with you in my up-leg purchase. You’ve already shown how you can save me about 6 figures on the Buy end as well.I couldn’t give you a more enthusiastic recommendation and a sincere thank you.”

Bob Biederman

Peter Jensen

“After much research my wife and I chose Tyler Leeson to represent us in the purchase of our up leg 1031 property. Over the years we have had dozens of real estate transactions but this was our largest and most complicated purchase to date. We found Tyler Leeson to be highly proficient and ethical. His professionalism was reflected in his much appreciated responsiveness and patience. I fully recommend Tyler Leeson without reservation.”

Mr. Peter Jensen

Peggy Searcy

“Tyler was able to sell our apartment building in Anaheim quickly to a buyer that performed. In addition the buyer was represented by an outside broker and Tyler cooperated with them to the fullest.

After closing our building Tyler was able to sell us a triple net property. With us knowing nothing about triple net leases, he guided us to a deal that fit our needs and wants. He made the process easy, helping every step of the way. I would go to Tyler again for any future deals.”

Tilio G. Lagatta

“Your commitment to this particularly complex and lengthy transaction was apparent from the beginning to the end. You worked effectively with all parties in the transaction including the Buyer and his agent, legal counsels, the lender, the escrow and title company. As a result of your hard work and negotiating skills, we were able to maximize our return on the building.”

Tilio G. Lagatta
Blackfire Real Estate Investors